Illuminating Insights


With both qualitative and quantitative expertise, Prism offers a wide range of market research options for each stage of a brand’s life cycle.

  • Creative Assessments
  • ROI Measurements
  • Brand Tracking
  • Market Assessments
  • Landscape Studies
  • U&A Studies
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Price Sensitivity Studies

Omnibus Surveys
When timing and budgets are a key consideration, Prism’s Omnibus surveys offer the following features:
  • On-demand service with a minimum of 3 questions before launch
  • Quick turnaround with as low as 1 business day to field and 1-3 days for charting and reporting
  • Sample sizes include 100 GPs/HCPs or 30 Specialists
  • Bilingual service with in-house translation
  • Reporting includes PowerPoint reports with charts, complete verbatim and raw data in an electronic format

The Prism Advantage

Advanced Analytics

Our highly specialized team of market research professionals can provide the most advanced analytics to maximize ROI and provide answers to critical questions.

  • Predictive and Risk Analysis
  • Simple and Multivariate Regression
  • Correlation
  • Discriminate Choice
  • Cluster and Factor Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis

Revenue Optimization and Validation
Utilizing predictive and risk analysis, Prism has a dedicated focus on scarce resource decision making. All research projects have the option of including specialized analytics to validate ROI and optimize budget allocations.

Disease Category Specialization
Prism’s team has directed global primary market research in key therapeutic categories including oncology, cardiovascular, central nervous system, infectious diseases, endocrinology (diabetes) and medical devices.

Cost Effectiveness
With a commitment to time-tested processes and expertise Prism guarantees highly competitive project costs. The variety of research options allow us to customize projects to meet both key objectives and budgets